Custom Tallit for Louise

Custom Tallit for Louise

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Custom version of the Silver Lace Tallit, in white, with Silver Velvet atarah ribbon (layered with white ribbon). 

The Lace Tallit is uniquely handcrafted from exquisite embroidered openwork lace. The tallit body is made from soft white lace, with a scalloped bottom edge. The atarah (neckband) is a layered sheer white ribbon with a silver velvet ribbon on top, and jewelry charms at each end.

I use only Rabbinically-approved tzitzit strings from Israel. The tzitzit at all four corners of this tallit are hand-tied according to halakhah (Jewish law) in the Ashkenazi pattern (reminding us of the 613 mitzvot).

This tallit measures approximately 17" wide x 68" in length (not including the tzitzit). 

Includes a coordinating tallit bag (with matching ribbon)and embroidered name.

Project Pricing:

Tallit Base: $180.00

Tallit Bag: $25 + Embroidery $25